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Covelo (Pontevedra), Galicia – Spain
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Bees working for rural legacy and biodiversity

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Abella Lupa produces and markets two brands of raw honey: “12″ and “Suído”. The oak and forests of the rivers with shrubs such as gorse, heather and bramble are the base for the nectar and polen of the bees. The hives are to be found on the Suído mountains and in forestal area of the river Tea in Pontevedra province, Galicia.

These natural places are situated in mid-mountain areas, that possess a high ecological value, where there is a low density of people (an area which is not highly populated) and they form part of the European network “Natura 2000″. Some areas are not yet part of this european network but they have been proposed to join it.

The place where the hives are was selected for the environmental quality of the surrounding area. In this way they meet the organic certification requirements, that mainly has to do with the absence of points of contamination in the area of countryside where bees are flying.